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"This collection was inspired from my beginning days as a designer when I combined gold and silver to create pieces of jewelry." - JM

"Retro Terzo - Buon Oro" Martini Pick
"Buon Oro" is a Sterling Silver martini pick, topped with a combination 14k white and 14k yellow gold head in a smooth finish. 

"Retro Terzo - Oro Grossolane" Martini Pick
"Oro Grossolane" roughly translates to "Course Gold", so named because of the combination 14k white and yellow gold head in a rough grain finish that tops this Sterling Silver cocktail pick. 

The Buon Bianco Martini Pick
White gold dominates the "Bianco" series, as 14k white gold sandwiches a 14k yellow gold piece, all in a brilliant smooth finish. The gleaming gold head sitting atop the Sterling Silver martini pick brings class
to any cocktail. 

The Bianco Grossolane Martini Pick
The "Bianco Grossolane" is a beautiful Sterling Silver ollve pick, topped with combination 14k white and yellow gold head in a rough grain finish. 

"Retro Quinto - Splendore" Martini Pick
The "Quinto" series martini picks have five-segment heads, rather than three. The alternating 14k white and yellow gold head gleams from its smooth finish atop a Sterling Silver pick. 

Retro Quinto - Grezzo" Martini Pick
The "Grezzo" has a curvier head than the "Splendore", uniquely dividing the 14k white and yellow gold sandblasted segments. The pick itself is of course made out of beautiful Sterling Silver.

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