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"This mixed collection has the richness of all gold as its common denominator." - JM

"The Bishop" Martini Pick
"The Bishop" martini pick is composed of a polished 14k white gold pick, and a
14k yellow gold head with a sandblast finish. Bless your martini.

"Mountain High" Martini Pick
The "Mountain High" cocktail pick was inspired by majestic Pikes Peaks, right outside our front door. It is made entirely out of 14k white gold from head to tip.  The head has a combined sandblast and
charcoal block texture finish.

*No two charcoal block patterns will ever be the same.

Two-Faced Olive Stabber Martini Pick
That olive has it coming! The "Two-Faced Olive Stabber is formed from 14k white gold to for the skewer, and 14k yellow gold to create the head. The gold head is also designed with a double charcoal block/high polish finish on both sides.

*No two charcoal block patterns will ever be the same.
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Martini pick designs Copyright © 2010 Jack Miller



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