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Jack has been creating jewelry for over 40 years since his early days in San Francisco, California, and specifically in retail in Colorado Springs, Colorado since 1979. He is trained in Fine Arts, beginning with a full scholarship to Southern Colorado University in 1965, and continuing at Denver University, Pikes Peak Community College, University of Colorado - Colorado Springs, and Colorado Technical University.

He won Best Jeweler and Best Piece in Show in the Annual Boulder Arts Show in 1985.

Jack has been primarily a collage artist and a sculptor and viewed his jewelry as small sculptures done in fine metals and gems.

Jack believes that it is important to make functional items as well as things of beauty. That is why these handcrafted martini picks are such a passion of his. To create a beautiful work of art, a mini sculpture, that also has purpose, and not just aesthetic value is very rewarding.

Each one of these cocktail picks is hand-crafted, and a piece of art in itself. Although we repeat a design, they can never be exactly the same. They are not created by an assembly line machine. These martini picks are created for you by Jack and his associates of artists and artisans here in Colorado.


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