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"I consider every martini pick I create a small sculpture, unique and stylish to match my clientele. In addition to my artistic goals, functional art has always been a passion of mine. Thus, these martini picks are a natural marriage of these ideas. We will always strive to produce unique and beautiful martini picks that you can use for that friendly cocktail party or that elegant soiree. They make the perfect men's gift, or the perfect ornament to place in your own Blue Martini. Fashioned from gold, silver, precious gems, and pearls by hand, eacn and every martini pick is truly a masterpiece of design."

- Jack Miller

Looking for an unusual gift idea for men or women? Let us handcraft a piece of useful art, a martini pick of gold and/or silver, adorned with a gleaming pearl, or even sparkling precious gems. A cocktail pick made by JM Designers Picks is a perfect birthday gift for men and gift for women. A martini is my favorite way to relax at the end of the day; add art and elegance to one of your favorite martini recipes. These cocktail picks make your martini with olives all the more unique, pleasurable and stylish.

A martini recipe page will be posted soon. Feel free to submit your favorite martini recipe, design for an olive pick, birthday gift for men, or anything you feel would be helpful to our success in serving you. These martini picks are the absolute perfect adornment to your drink of choice, whether it be the Apple Martini, the Blue Martini, the Vodka Martini, or any one in between.  Any old toothpick can hold an olive, but these martini picks are for those who desire more in their cocktail.  Classy, unique, and stylish, they can turn an ordinary martini glass into a chalice of kings and queens.



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